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from our amazing clients

Over 950,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple of happy customers have to say.

After hundreds of dollars spent on worthless prescription and over-the-counter so-called remedies, hours turned into days of combing and a near emotional breakdown, I came across an AirAllé provider. I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

DahliaCincinnati, KY

This place is a lifesaver! I can’t commend them enough! My 7 year old daughter brought lice home from camp and I battled with store-bought stuff the ENTIRE summer! Just when I thought they were gone, they came back again and again. Finally I threw my hands up and at the suggestion of a friend, sought out the help of a professional.

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY didn’t I do it sooner????? The process was simple and even relaxing. How do I know? Turns out, I had lice too and didn’t even know it!!!!!! It’s a 3-step process, and the owner did the work herself. She was so friendly and comforting, assuring us she had it under control. I was treated, then my daughter and VOILA we are lice free! Instantly, no more itching, no more bugs…no more worries!

Thank heavens a place like this exists. Plus, they have a program where for only $5/month you can enroll your kid (or whoever) so that if they get lice again, one more treatment is free, then two more (if necessary) for a huge discount. It’s a no-brainer! So glad we came. Well worth every penny spent!*

Debbie MCincinnati, OH